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        British Petroleum / Amoco / ARCO (BP Amoco)

        March 2008: The Yes Men launch new Beyond Petrol site to spoof BP after receiving complaint from BP legal department.

        British Petroleum / Amoco / ARCO History & Mergers

        Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) & Oil Spills

        BP Amoco's Solar Power Greenwashing Exposed

        BP Amoco and Military Dictatorships

        BP Amoco and Global Climate Destruction

        BP Amoco Pollutes

        BP Amoco is among the top 10 polluters in the U.S. Between 1989 and 1997, they have ranked between the 5th and 9th largest toxic emitters under the U.S. EPA's Toxic Release Inventory.

        Their Port Lavaca, TX and Lima, OH refineries are the 18th and 22nd largest toxic emitting facilities in the nation.

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